30 hour CE Requirement: In accordance with Real Estate Commission Rules, all active and inactive associate brokers and qualifying brokers shall successfully complete thirty (30) credit hours of continuing education in courses approved by the commission during each 3-year licensing cycle. After January 1, 2017, that Continuing Education Requirement becomes 36 hours. 

On Line Courses: Some of the approved schools and sponsors have on-line offerings.

Exemption from Continuing Education: The only exemption to the continuing education requirement applies ONLY to brokers who have attained sixty-five (65) years of age AND have attained twenty (20) years continuous years of licensure in New Mexico prior to July 1, 2011. This is an exemption created in the Statutes of New Mexico.

Qualifying Broker Refresher Applies to All QBs: However, all active qualifying brokers are required to successfully complete a six (6) hour qualifying broker refresher course as a condition of license renewal or as a condition of reinstatement of qualifying broker status regardless of age or years of licensure. Click on the link to see a list of Approved Instructors for the Qualifying Broker Refresher Course. Instructor List for Various Required Courses 

Composition of 30 CE Hours:
 The thirty (30) continuing education hours must include the eight (8) credit hour real estate commission mandatory course during each licensing cycle. Of the remaining twenty-two (22) credit hours, ten (10) credit hours may be credited toward the continuing education requirement from approved training category courses. At least twelve (12) credit hours must be taken from approved education category courses; however, all twenty-two (22) credit hours may be taken from the list of commission-approved education category courses.